March 31, 2013

Establishing a Positive Relationship with your Home Health Care Worker

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By Dan Adams
Lighthouse Homecare

Your decision to let a home care worker come into your home to assist is hard enough, and now you are fully apprehensive about what to expect when they finally arrive! If you don’t have experience with in-home assistance, every possible thought of what could go wrong comes to mind. There are many questions that arise when you make this monumental decision. Question like: What if you don’t like this person? How do you handle embarrassing situations? How do you approach uneasy situations? Who manages this person?

We at Lighthouse Homecare can help support and ease your anxieties. It is our business to answer your questions in advance and resolve any issues that come about. We have an administrator, nurse supervisor and office manager who specialize in the facilitation of your satisfaction and comfort. Our great communication managers will be there, beside you all the way with the management of your home aide.

Here are some tips we have found to assist you in establishing a positive relationship with your home health care.

Be honest and completely open with your opinions, needs and wants. We do not judge, there is no embarrassment about your current situation and why you need help. Please remember these are professionals you deal with, and we have helped a wide variety of clients in a similar situation. We are experienced in meeting the needs of people just like you. We deal with tough situations like Alzheimer’s, alcoholism, strokes, incontinence and many other stressful situations.

Be prepared to talk about what you want. The best way to get what you want is to be specific about your needs. We go through a thorough checklist during our free consultation. We include house rules such as “no smoking” or “kosher kitchen” and many other things about your daily needs. Do you arise early, go to bed late, need medicine or a shower at a certain time? Or even a request that you simply need privacy from 1 to 3 p.m.

Give us immediate and much needed feedback hourly, daily or as needed, but on a timely basis. We need to know it right away, so we can fix it right a way. This benefits you in many ways. You don’t have to be involved in the discussions with the aides, or you can be if you prefer. The choice is yours. We want to make sure your issues are resolved quickly so you can have the Employee supervision is our responsibility. If your problem cannot be solved to your satisfaction, you can request new aides. We handle this for you We, at Lighthouse Homecare, realize that you didn’t spend your entire life to reach the point at which you are not able to enjoy it to its fullest. It is our pleasure to serve those in need of care in the Quad-Cities area, as well as many outlying areas.

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