July 1, 2013

Hilltop Campus Village – What’s New in the Neighborhood?

With so many new businesses popping up in the Hilltop Campus Village, we decided to do some introductions to let all of you know what great business have recently joined us. New development such as the Harrison Lofts, as well as preservation of places like The Bishop’s House is the focus of this growing community of sidewalks, crosswalks and storefronts. Residential, educational, spiritual, recreational and commercial tied to a thriving community – THIS is the Hilltop Campus Village.

Big Mouthz Bbq

New on Brady Street, you may have seen and smelled one of our latest neighbors, as the aroma of barbeque fills to top of the Hilltop Campus Village. Big Mouthz Bbq offers up some of the Quad-Cities’ tenderest and flavorful smoked meat around. Many different styles and tastes, Big Mouthz Bbq, at 1218 Brady, is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Brady Street Furniture

Across the street from Big Mouthz is the new kid on the block, Brady Street Furniture, located 1129 Brady Street. They offer not only great
furniture, but also charming and unique accessories along with great service and great prices.

Celebrity Wigs

Up Brady Street a few blocks, an old building got a much-needed facelift and some wonderful owners. Constance Chance opened Celebrity Wigs at 16th and Brady. She isn’t new to the Hilltop Campus Village. She was located over on Harrison Street, renting a small shop to get her start. When she outgrew that space and needed something bigger, she wanted to stay in the Hilltop Campus Village area. Being a quality addition to our small business owners, we wish Constance much continued success.

Nicole’s Chicago Style

On 15th Street, just off Harrison, we find our latest clothing store, Nicole’s Chicago Style at 232 W. 15th Street. Nicole has brought the taste and feel of urban style to her small shop across from the Hilltop Plaza. Find her great features and beautiful smile Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

One Walk Stop

Adding to the mixture of new establishments is One Walk Stop, a confectionary shop at 1507 Harrison. We welcome its owner, Kearney Walker to the neighborhood!

Hilltop Collectibles, LLC

At 1605 Harrison, we have new owners, Ron and Carol McDermott with their shop, Hilltop Collectibles, LLC. Stop in and see their wares. They are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Coming Soon…

Soon to open in the Hilltop Campus Village are Gloria’s Hats and Wigs, another furniture store and a boutique and beauty salon. Things are really happening, and we are growing each and every day in the Hilltop Campus Village. New tenants, strong students and a supportive business environment are the reason the number of empty store fronts are becoming less and less.

We also need to give a big SHOUT-OUT to the churches that were able to participate in this years “Alter Crawl.” There were over 350 people that visited many of the historic and beautiful buildings that are the anchor of the spiritual aspect of the Hilltop Campus Village. The response was so positive that there is another “Crawl” planned for next spring. If you missed the article about the heritage and history that these buildings and their congregations played in developing Davenport, you can look it up at www.50pluslife.com. Type in Hilltop Campus Village in the “search” box.
Come and see what all the new excitement is about. One of a kind businesses, friendly and community driven, the Hilltop Campus Village is a place you can find a way to spend your day. The area also has a wide array of eating establishments, from homestyle to ethnic. It is all here! The Hilltop Campus Village is located between Perry to Ripley and 5th Street to Lombard. We are setting the pace for the destination place to be!