May 29, 2018

Say Hello to Dad’s New Favorite Summer Snack

For Men’s Health Month, treat Dad to a peaceful little snack that’s good for his heart … and his appetite!

By Lauren Zust, RD, LD
Hy-Vee Registered Dietician
(563) 332-8496

Listen up, men, this one’s for you. June is not just about Father’s Day. It’s also Men’s Health Month, an opportunity to raise awareness for men’s health with a focus on prevention. We all know exercise, a good diet, hydration, and getting
plenty of sleep are key factors of overall health, but let’s talk specifically about snacks.

Nearly 94 percent of Americans report snacking at least once a day, with about half snacking two to three times daily. If you can identify with those numbers, perhaps it’s time to evaluate your snack choices, and discover a new brand of Peaceful Piranha snacks that has some healthier options. Here’s 4 things to look for when shopping for the perfect snack.


Fiber is especially important for colon and heart health. Snacks that contain fiber include fresh berries, whole-grain crackers, nuts, roasted chickpeas, and dried apples—the latter of which contains 4 grams of fiber per serving.


Controlling your sodium intake can impact your blood pressure and affect your heart health. If you love salty snacks but need to watch your sodium, look for snacks that have savory seasonings instead of salt. Some flavored nuts, like Peaceful Piranha Sweet Chili Peanut Poppers, have less than 10% of the Daily Value of sodium, contain 5 grams of protein, and have 2 grams of fiber. Plus, they satisfy the craving for something salty. If you’re more of a salty-sweet person, look for low-sodium trail mixes that have a little bit of dried fruit, such as raisins or dried cranberries.

Food Groups

Snacks that fit into an actual food group are the most nourishing. Fresh fruits and veggies, dried fruit, baked vegetable chips, yogurt, beef jerky and grain-based snacks such as 100% whole grain crackers and popcorn are good choices. Bonus points if you choose a snack that contains more than one food group, like yogurt with berries, or Peaceful Piranha Beef Jerky & Tail Mix, which has 4 grams of protein and less than 60mg of sodium.

Portions & Calories

It’s important to understand what you’re getting for the number of calories you’re consuming.

A ¼-cup of almonds, for example, contains 3 grams of fiber (thumbs up) and 6 grams of protein (two thumbs up) for about 160 calories. But that’s a pretty small handful. If volume is more your style, consider popcorn. A 4-cup serving of Peaceful Piranha Light Extra Virgin Olive Popcorn has 150 calories, 3 grams of fiber, and less than 120mg of sodium.


A snacking nation: 94% of Americans snack daily

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