September 10, 2009

Back to School Days

bettyBy Betty Sands
HOMZ Management Corp.

We all remember the excitement of “back to school,” even though we all felt it was much too soon and the summers just got shorter every year. We looked forward to having new teachers, new clothes and seeiing who grew taller, got braces or any other changes we would notice. Of course, that was our barometer as to how we were doing. The first few days were hot; we never knew if it was a good idea to open or shut the big windows. It really never mattered; it was just hot. There was something kind of exciting about that; the teachers were sympathetic and patient. We didn’t all have lunches provided at school, or sometimes we just took our own. Everything always smelled like ripe bananas in the lunch sacks. (I think Mom recycled the uneaten fruit from one day to the next.)

It’s really all about starting a new adventure. Just one of many we will encounter in our lives, little did we know. After school the excitement of graduation, then college, then more graduation and that first job. Remember how scary that first day or two were??? Then the first love, marriage, the first baby, how scary exciting that was. Then the house was too small, so we enjoyed shopping for the new house and the scary part of paying the mortgage every month.

It seems like it’s a cycle we start young and follow throughout our lives.

Well, maybe some of our seniors are really “going back to school.” If so, what a great adventure for you and what great fun of knowing you are going because you want to. How life changes.

Maybe your next new adventure is seeking our new senior living. We know, it’s scary to leave your home and your neighborhood. But it is exciting to start over in a new place, meet new friends, check out the meal program, see who knows people you know. Even though our summer is ending, we have the best time of year to move; it’s cooler outdoors, and we really want to be settled to enjoy all the fun holiday parties. Many times Santa even shows up for holiday events; it can’t get more exciting than that, and, sure, the grand kids can come and see you anytime they want. You will have a lovely apartment to decorate any way you choose. You can join in all the activities or none; no one will “tell on you.”

How exciting is no more heating bills this winter……….and no more water bills, trash bills…no utilities at all. That is the best kept secret in town! Your noon meal is about the same cost as a gallon of gas……….can’t beat that. And when you want to cook, the grocery store will deliver your groceries. Or you can walk a few blocks and buy your own. Call me at 359-1075 and let me tell you all about senior living in all areas of the City, likely near your neighborhood. Your rent is based on income, and if you pay out of pocket for medicals, we’ll give you credit for them, too.

Start your next great adventure with us; I am sure you won’t regret a minute of it!!