September 10, 2009

Coping with Memory Problems

By Courtyard Estates of Walcott

Often we put off decisions that involve facing difficult truths. We are not doing ourselves or our loved ones any favors by not facing our fears and handling tough issues. By planning ahead we provide peace of mind for those closest to us.

Assisting a loved one with their senior years is difficult. Often the individual is in denial about their ability to care for themselves. As a caregiver, you might feel guilty about not being able to care for them anymore and for moving that person out of the home they cherish.

An individual may not think they need help, even though their children or maybe a neighbor is taking care of their home maintenance, driving them to most of their appointments or assisting them with meals or medications. With all of the help they may not even realize they are not as independent as they once were.

Do you know someone who is not able to get out as much anymore? Maybe someone who isn’t eating healthy well-balanced meals? Someone who isn’t steady on their feet as they once were? Someone who misses doctor appointments because they couldn’t get a ride or because they didn’t want to drive in the bad weather?

Someone in these situations is not living the best quality of life that they should. In any of these situations that person is slowly deteriorating, and they probably don’t even realize it. If they don’t get out as much they may become depressed and lonely. If they are not eating properly their overall health will decline. If they are not steady on their feet they may fall and suffer a serious injury which would be particularly damaging if they live alone. If they are missing doctor appointments, they are losing out on needed health care and medication monitoring.

Waiting to make the decision to move to an assisted living facility can be costly; it can cost them their overall health and well-being. An assisted living facility can help that individual maintain or improve their quality of life and that is priceless.

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