September 10, 2009

Johnnie’s Story

Submitted by Palmer Hills Independent Retirement Living

Johnnie Ramondini is the youngest 92 year-old you’ll ever meet. Born and raised on a ranch not far from the Holiday Retirement community in which he now lives, Johnnie’s life is a long list of impressive accomplishments, interesting stories, and relationships. A former pilot, long-time business owner, past government official, life-time rancher, and currently an avid gardener, Johnnie has always been on the go. But the most important thing to Johnnie is friendship, and what he loves most about living at a Holiday Retirement community are his new-found friends.

“When I moved in, I had friends right away. But I’m always looking to make more friends. And it’s so easy to do here,” Johnnie says, “I’ve been to other places to visit friends, but there’s no comparison. I’ve found friendship here.”

Johnnie lives his life with the motto: If you don’t have friendship, you don’t have anything in life. And he smiles widely at the mention of a friend, it’s clear to see that Johnnie follows his motto to the fullest. At every Holiday Retirement community, friendship can be found around every corner. From the caring management teams and friendly chef cooking your delicious meals to the smiling neighbors and interesting visitors, residents are never far from a friend or conversation. As Johnnie describes it, “It’s home. A real home. I’m so comfortable here. I don’t know what else to say, you know? It’s just home for me.”

“Right when you move in, the managers just make you feel comfortable. That’s what makes this place. It’s the managers, the cooks, the residents. They’re just all so wonderful,” Johnnie continues, “They’re people that have lost their loved ones like I did, and they’re looking for friends just like me. We’re a family here. There isn’t anyone here I can’t go up to, give a hug and see how they’re doing. That’s what we do here. That’s why I think this place is such a great place to live. It is the people.”

A small business owner for 40 years, a county supervisor for 16 years, and a local 4-H club leader for 18 years, Johnnie has always been on the go. “I have always been involved in something. Now that I’m here, I am able to continue being involved with people to keep myself satisfied. From local volunteer opportunities to my friends and neighbors right here in the community, living here is keeping me active and social. I do as much now as I did at 60. I have to keep busy. It’s good for me!”

While many Holiday Retirement residents are simply looking for a place to minimize life’s responsibilities by moving to an apartment with a few amenities, what they find when they move in is so much more. They find a home, full of friendly neighbors, helpful staff, beautiful surroundings and endless possibilities.

“For some reason, everything I did in life turned out beautifully,” concludes Johnnie, “Including moving here. I think so much of this place, and I’ll stay here as long as I can, that’s for sure.”

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