September 10, 2009

What Fun We Have With Our Grandparents

By Kaylie & Jordyn Kohel

Of course, like all grandkids, we love our grandparents very much. Not everybody gets the chance to visit his or her grand parents like we do. We are invited to come down to Iowa and spend time with them for long periods of time. Our grandparents sometimes take us to places to eat, and we always have fun. They also take us to movie theaters to see all sorts of shows. Even though we can’t go out for dinner or a movie every night, they still make us happy, and we have a wonderful time with them at their house.

When we are not at their house having fun, they take us to the boat or to their friends Sandy and Bob’s swimming pool. My grandpa also lets us drive the boat sometimes (with his supervision, of course). He has a motorcycle that has a sidecar. Grandpa bought awesome helmets for us to be safe while we ride. He never bought a helmet for himself. He always said that he wanted his “hair” to blow in the wind, but our
theory is that all of his hair blew off. However, this time we talked him into wearing his helmet, but he needs to invest in an awesome helmet like ours.

Our grandpa is not the only fun one, our grandma has a lot of fun to give also. She plays board games with us and also does word puzzles. She taught us many of the word puzzles that we do today. We bought a big art set that grandma will do with us soon. She is also a great cook. She baked Jordyn a great swimming pool cake for her birthday. We always make cookies and desserts with her and have a good time.
One of the things we really enjoyed was grandma let us help pick the winners for this month’s newspaper. Kaylie also got to type the recipes for the Ella’s Kitchen section of the paper. We get to help a lot with the newspaper when we are here visiting.

Even though we live in Wisconsin, we always can’t wait to come visit our fantastic grandparents.

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