December 9, 2009

Hat’s Off

Adams, DanBy Dan Adams
Lighthouse Homecare

The first-ever Holiday Hat Bash was created to raise money for seniors gifts during this holiday season.

Most likely when you read this article, the first Holiday Hat Bash will have undoubtably been a huge success. The first-ever Holiday Hat Bash was created to raise money for seniors gifts during this holiday season. In fact, when you are reading this, the funds raised from the generosity of many will be providing those in need with much
appreciated gifts. 

What most don’t know is how this event came to be. It all started with the passion of one person and who is this person? Gwen Tombergs! There are a lot of people who are passionate about a cause, a need or an idea. However, few people take it to the next level and actually do something about their passion. Early in September, Gwen sent out a note that simply said… “Christmas gifts for seniors is a passion of mine, and I’ll do anything to get a gift for everyone.” This is exactly what Gwen did! The Holiday Hat Bash originally started out as the December Derby party. The basic premise was that people would be invited to a free after work event where hats are optional and you donate what you can at the door. Later in September, Gwen pulled together a team to help her pull this event off. 

Gwen’s passion soon was shared by others, too many to mention by name. Gwen had a vision of creating a lounge atmosphere, and Brian Banks, owner of Lifestyles Furniture shared what would be almost an impossible vision. Together they were able to nearly empty the extremely fine furniture store in Moline, truck some furniture groupings over to CASI in Davenport for the nearly 4 hour event, all to put it back in the store by the next morning. “Hat’s Off” to Brian and his team. Helen Agnew, Luann Haydon, Barb VenHorst, Mary Schricker, Jane VenHorst, Cody Allen and myself met weekly with Gwen. Hours were worked to secure volunteers, food sponsors, invitation lists, and, of course, major sponsors. So “Hat’s Off” to the many contacts of Gwen’s team who supported us when we asked you to donate to this cause – “Hat’s Off” to you! 

On September 21st, Gwen sent me a note that said “We’re going for it BIG – the thought of a senior without a holiday gift is unbearable.” So a HUGE “Hat’s Off” to Gwen Tombergs for an idea that started as a passion and ended as a BIG success for seniors in the Quad-Cities.