December 28, 2009

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By Chris Cournoyer

It’s never too soon…or too late…for learning!

Continuing education classes, seminars, tours and other programming targeted at seniors provide opportunities for intellectually stimulating, affordable, non-credit learning and for meaningful social engagement. By participating in one of these activities, you can become part of a growing and dynamic community of senior adults who understand that life is enhanced through learning.

The Community Colleges of the Quad Cities offer a wide range of Continuing Education classes specifically intended for older students. Classes range from basic computers to finance, from food to, art, from
gardening to history.. Some classes even include trips and tours as well as physical fitness. Most of these classes are just a day or two in length and they’re extremely affordable. Some are even completely online – no classrooms at all!

For those of you interested in enhancing your computer skills, classes include:: Introduction to the Personal Computer as well as training in the whole array of Microsoft products: Word Processing (Word), Spreadsheets (Excel), Databases (Acess), Presentation Graphics (Powerpoint), Desktop Publishing (Publisher) and Email Communication/Scheduling (Outlook). There are even classes in web page creation and Internet Social Networking, which focuses on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkIn.

On the Iowa Side of the river, Eastern Iowa Community College District’s Continuing Education Department offers a multitude of short-term classes specifically intended for older students.. These classes are designed for individuals interested in pursuing a hobby or specific interest, or for those interested in upgrading a job skill. In addition to those classes designed just for older adults, many of their traditional Continuing Education classes will interest seniors as well.

For program schedules and more information on classes, visit:

For more information in the Clinton/Maquoketa area, call: 563-244-7040; in the Muscatine area, call Cathy Deters: 563-288-6165, and in the Quad Cities area, call Gale Roeder: 563-336-3450

On the Illinois side of the river, Black Hawk College offers a variety of learning opportunities through their “Golden Scholars” program that involves a series of: “Lunch & Learn” programs as well as Senior Computer Classes that range from “Cell Phone Tips”and “Getting Started with Your Computer” to “Emailing Basics” and “Finding Friends on Facebook”.

Black Hawk College’s classes are offered at their Outreach Center located at 301 Avenue of the Cities, East Moline, Illnois and their Technology Center at Watch Tower Plaza located at 3930 11th Street, Rock Island, Illnois. For more inforatmion, visit their website at:

What better time than now to learn? If you are remotely curious, why not try a class today! Learning is truly life long!