December 29, 2009

NEWS FOR YOU….from the Iowa D.O.T.

Iowa Department of Transportation

The Winter of 2009/2010

By Debra Carney
Driver’s License Supervisor, Driver’s License Services office
Davenport, IA

Will this be one for the record books? Snow, ice, wind and below zero temps. They created a challenge for Iowans with the early December storm that dumped up to 18” in some areas of the state. And the official start to winter was still over two weeks away! No matter how experienced you are as a driver, the first snow storm of the season creates hazards for all drivers and requires a quick brushing off of those winter driving skills for everyone.
So what do you need to do?

If you haven’t already, anytime is a good time to make certain your vehicle is in good operating condition. It not only helps during winter driving, but can also improve handling and fuel mileage during normal driving conditions.

Also, use those good driving skills to avoid losing control of your
vehicle. Remember it takes longer to stop and visibility is reduced. Drive according to road and weather conditions.

Another tip is to operate safely around snow removal equipment. Can they see you? DO they see you?

Take the time to find out about weather and road conditions before you embark. For those with internet access, there are a number of good web sites developed by the Iowa Department of Transportation related to winter driving. This site provides a map of the state with color coding on each major roadway: Or try:

You can also dial 511 from your telephone, which allows you to obtain travel information by city or highway name. If you are calling from outside Iowa’s coverage area or if your phone service provider does not participate in the 511 effort you may dial 1-800-288-1047 for road reports. These sites, as well as others, can be a benefit year round by showing construction and detours on major roadways so you can plan trips accordingly.

Iowa’s weather can change rapidly, with a little planning you can be prepared for those changes and avoid what could be a life threatening situation.

The driver license station is normally closed on Monday and open Tuesday through Saturday, but there will be some changes due to the holidays. The station will be closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the Christmas and New Year weekends, and open Monday, December 28th and Monday, January 4th from 8 am to 1 pm. Please call 386-1050 for more information. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!