December 29, 2009

Speaking Out

Just Plain Stuff

By Russ Myers

Wow! Another year has raced by without hardly any notice! Here comes 2010 alive and well and ready to change your lifestyle sure as you can bet the sun will come up tomorrow! Let’s see‚ healthcare will change to some new form, perhaps one we will recognize. We will all age one more year. Automobiles, heating systems and anything that runs on some type of fuel will either have an increase in price or magically, when the price of a barrel of oil goes back to $50, the savings will most certainly NOT follow the chain to your source. Not yet, that is! Seems if you complain loud enough you are labeled aggressive. If you just sit still then those you have elected will do the bidding for you. (Even if it isn’t what you wanted and why you elected them in the first place!) For the most part our elected officials in Washington are bound by party rule and pretty much vote that way. Ever watch the Senate and House TV Channels? Quite an interesting TV show and it is LIVE and in color. What comes out of their mouths is for certain what you heard and not some news channel’s depiction of what they think they heard. Try it sometime, you will be amazed.

Colder than a well digger’s #%@! And it isn’t even winter yet as I write this before Christmas 09. Snow is on the ground and probably will be there till spring. Ugh! Donna and I wanted to go to a warmer climate for the winter, but all the available places think you are made of gold. One such city had headlines in the daily newspaper, “Seasonal rentals have gone down the toilet!” In other words, they cannot get people in cold climates to rent their condos for the winter. Still they demand more than $100 per day for space they cannot rent. Don’t know how that makes sense.

Just think how nice it was a few months ago! Lake George at Loud Thunder had trees of many colors. The fish were biting, and it was beautiful. Did I get to go enjoy this sight? No, too many health problems. Donna did buy me one of those fishing vests you see the pros wear when they are driving their boats at 70 MPH. That’s in case they fall out of the boat,then the vest will automatically fill up from a CO2 bottle and you can float to safety. I have one but don’t really want to have to use it.

50+ is still a wonderful newspaper! If you are reading this you are among thousands of persons in the two state area who reads 50+ every month. Thanks! In future months you will see more select advertisers and their articles, hand picked by Eloise Graham to serve your reading needs. We have such loyal advertisers, readers and article writers. Some have been around more than 20 years with 50+!

Hope you have enjoyed a great Christmas and may the New Year be your best!