March 2, 2010

Summer Camp is an adventure at the Putnam!

By Lori Arguello, Director of Marketing

Putnam Museum and IMAX Theatre, Davenport

That do American Girl, dragons, Harry Potter, ocean creatures and outer space all have in common? They are just some of the amazing adventures kids can have this year at Putnam Summer Camp! Both weeklong and “done-in-a-day” camps are offered, with extended care available. Full-day camps are $150, Done-in-a-day camps are $70. Multiple child/camp/member discounts available. All camps are 9am-3pm unless noted! Limited availability. Call (563) 324-1054, ext. 502 or email History and science come to life at the Putnam!

Find Your Inner Star: Let Heritage Shine [June 14-18]
A girl’s adventure in American history! This popular camp is back to celebrate the cultural traditions of several dolls. Hands-on activities, games, crafts and actual objects from the museum’s collection bring history to life. Dolls welcome! For kids entering 2nd-4 th grades.

The Science of Harry Potter [June 21-25]
Accept your invitation to the Midwest’s premiere wizarding prep school. Classes include: Potions, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Quidditch, and Kwik-Spells. For kids entering 3rd-5th grades.

Dragonology [June 28-July 2] Dragonologists-in-training discover the magic and mystery of dragons from wing to tail. Decipher dragon language and spells, and explore the fascinating history of dragons from around the world. For kids entering 2nd-4th grades.

Ocean Commotion [July 12-16] Dive into the watery world of oceans! Explore islands, coral reefs and amazing ocean creatures. Hands-on activities, science projects, live animal encounters, games and crafts. For kids entering Kindergarten-1st grades. *Fee for this half-day camp that meets 9am-noon is $75.

Take Flight [July 19-23] Planes and parachutes, rockets and re-entry, zooming and zero-Gs! ViewSpace technology and IMAX Hubble 3D will point us to amazing journeys of the future. For kids entering 2nd-4th grades.

Putnam Rocks! [July 26-30] Calling all rock collectors and future geologists! Explore the innermost secrets of the earth and discover rocks, crystals, fossils, and volcanoes through fun-filled experiments and hands-on activities. For kids entering 3rd-5th grades.

Done-in-a-day Camps for kids entering 6th-8th Grades

From Rock to Rockets [July 6] Make it fly! Explore the science of flight as you build catapults, planes and rockets. Experiment with elements of design in the effort to defy gravity.

Diligently Delving Deep into 3D [July 8] How are three dimensions used in science, art and entertainment? Dissect the depth, devise projects to demonstrate, and dig into recent developments. Includes a trip to the IMAX projection booth and Classroom Cubed.

Dragon Master [July 14] Explore the legends of this mystical beast to discover its secrets. Learn its forgotten language and spells with riddles, games and experiments. Investigate bones, teeth and scales before designing a dragon of your own.

Science E3: Experiments, Explosions & Excitement [July 16] Experiments rule in this action/reaction powered camp. Erupt volcanoes, see how high rubber blubber bounces, and make glow-in-the-dark chalk to use in the black light lab.

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