June 1, 2010

Flag Day Quiz

Test your knowledge of the history of the American flag:

1. Which birthday of the national Flag, is going to be celebrated this year?

a. 224
b. 225
c. 227

2. Since when has the current U.S. national flag become effective?

a. June 4, 1969
b. June 14, 1976
c. July 4, 1960

3. How many changes had the Flag undergone since the first National Flag was born?

a. 50
b. 25
c. 27

4. During whose Presidency the legislation to limit the number of stripes to 13 was enacted?

a. George Washington
b. James Monroe
c. John Adams

5. Name the State, the annexation of which led to the inclusion of the 50th star on the canton?

a. Hawaii
b. California
c. Alaska

6. During whose Presidency the war with the British broke out for the second time in the post Independence period?

a. Thomas Jefferson
b. James Madison
c. Andrew Jackson

7. Who is said to have designed the Flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the National Anthem?

a. John Hulbert
b. Mary Y. Pickersgill
c. Betsy Ross

8. Betsy Ross, the legendary tailor of the first Stars and Stripes, was the widow of a Revolutionist. Name him.

a. Scott Key
b. John Ross
c. Paul Revere

9. Which of the following Presidents signed a legislation making Flag Day a day of national observance?

a. Harry Truman
b. Abraham Lincoln
c. John Tyler

10. On Flag Day you are supposed to say the pledge of allegiance to the national flag. How many words does it take to make this pledge?

a. 32
b. 31
c. 26


1.a-224, 2.c-July 4, 1960, 3.c-27, 4.b-James Monroe, 5.a-Hawaii, 6.b-James Madison, 7.b-Mary Y. Pickersgill, 8.b-John Ross, 9.a-Harry Truman,10. b-31