October 5, 2010

News from the Putnam Museum

We Won Thanks to You

We won the RK Dixon “Make My Nonprofit Run Better” contest and it’s all thanks to you! More than 13,670 online votes were tallied, and YOUR votes secured the Putnam Museum as the winner of the grand prize of $20,000 in RK Dixon’s office technology makeover!

“We are very grateful to every person who voted for the Putnam  – some people several times each day on every computer and cell phone available! We also thank RK Dixon for their thoughtful generosity,” said Kim Findlay, president and CEO of the Putnam. “The Putnam operates completely based on private donations and earned revenue which is quite unusual for a Museum of our size and scope. The resources we do have to improve technology go into our public areas – as they should. However, our technology to run behind-the-scenes work  is often out-dated making our daily operations more cumbersome and less efficient than they can be. This technology makeover will allow us to devote even more time to creating  and delivering great learning experiences to Putnam visitors rather than staff running around the building looking for an available piece of equipment that works.”

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