January 3, 2011

20 Things To Do With Children On School Breaks

Doyle,-Rondi-NEW-colorBy Rondi Doyle
Director of Community Relations
Child Abuse Council

No More Bored Children!

It’s that time of year again! According to the calendar, we have just started a new year. Even though Christmas has come and gone, most children are still home from school and often get restless while on winter break. As many parents know, the life-span of a new Christmas toy is usually short-lived. And parents often find themselves at wits end trying to keep their kids entertained without spending a fortune. This task can be difficult for any busy parent, especially since the cold, winter weather does not always allow for some “fun in the sun.”

Here are some tips that will keep the kids entertained without breaking the bank:

1. Make popcorn and watch a movie.
2. Plan a picnic indoors.
3. Learn magic tricks together and put on a show.
4. Take a trip to a museum.
5. Make a bird feeder.
6. Go to the library and take out books, rent books on tape and movies.
7. Have coloring contests.
8. Go biking or sledding.
9. Have breakfast food for dinner.
10. Make cupcakes and have a decorating party.
11. Hold a family game night.
12. Download free e-books.
13. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
14. Tie dye t-shirts and matching socks.
15. Do jigsaw puzzles.
16. Have a fashion show.
17. Plan a play date.
18. Have coloring contests.
19. Visit nursing homes, bring musical instruments and put on a show.
20. Create a treasure hunt.

Not only will these activities keep your children entertained until school starts up again, but it will give you and your little one some quality time. So whether you pick a few or choose to all twenty of these activities, the memories you will create with your children will last a lifetime.

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Rondi Doyle is Director of Community Relations at the Child Abuse Council. She can be reached at 309-786-1466 or www.childabuseqc.org