February 2, 2011

5 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

By Michael Finlayson

We all want a healthy relationship. We all know that a healthy relationship will give us a chance for real happiness. But what makes a healthy relationship?

You Have To Like Each Other

There are a lot of important things that go into creating a healthy relationship. None of it matters if you do not like your partner. Given that you could be together for decades, can you imagine being with someone you did not like, or loathed. To make everything work, you have to like each other. If you want a healthy relationship you have to be able to share your lives with each other, you have to be each others best friend, you have to be able to confide in them, go to them for help and support, and know that they will be there for you. All this can only happen if you like your partner.

You Need To Be Able To Talk To Your Partner

Have you ever looked at how communication impacts on our lives, there are very few areas that it does not touch. Can you imagine a relationship without communication, just how dull, lifeless, and boring would it be? In a healthy relationship you need to be able to share each others lives, you need to learn everything that there is to know about your partner. I admit that this sounds pretty intense, but look at it another way. Your partner is the person that you love most, you want to do what you can to make them happy, in making them happy you make yourself happy. You need to know your partner’s wants and needs so that you can provide help and support where it is needed. Apart from giving you plenty to talk about, sharing your lives brings you closer. To do all of this, you need to be able to talk to your partner.

You Need To Enjoy Being Together

People in a healthy relationship enjoy spending time with their partners, it brings them closer together, and as an added bonus, it is fun. Spending quality, fun time together allows you to relax, forget about your cares, and draw closer to each other. No matter how busy you are in life, you always need to set aside time to be with each other. Without a bit of YOU time you could lose your connection with each other. If you are not doing anything fun together your relationship can become stale and boring. You do not have to spend a fortune on this. Go to a movie, go for a walk, or just curl up in front of the T.V together. Find new things to do together, take a class, try sharing each others interests, the possibilities are endless. It does not matter what you are doing, all that is important is that the two of you are together, enjoying each others company and reconnecting.

Be Romantic

People in a healthy relationship appreciate the importance of romance. Some of you might be saying, oh woe is me for I am not a romantic, to which I answer, rubbish. People are not born romantics, it is a skill that they learn. Romance adds a sparkle to any relationship, it makes life interesting, and it keeps the relationship exciting. There are a lot of simple romantic gestures that you can make. You can call, text or email your partner just to let them know that you love them. You can leave them a note to find. You can send flowers or chocolates. Go for a cup of coffee or a walk together. If you are looking for inspiration there are plenty of romantic movies that you can watch. What is important is that you are doing something for your partner, because you want to make them happy. Whatever you do, whether it is complicated or simple, make it something from the heart, those are the gestures that really mean something.

Accept Each other For Who You Are

This one can be difficult, but if you hope to have a healthy relationship you need to accept the whole package, not just the bits that you like. You need to have realistic expectations of your relationship, this may surprise some, but what you see at the movies is only a story, it is not real life. Do not go into the relationship with a fixed, pre-conceived idea as to what your relationship will be like, and then try build everything around it, that is just not healthy. You are two unique individuals, which makes your relationship a unique creation, you need to work with each other to create the best relationship that you can. You will probably see faults in your partner, they will probably see faults in you. There are certain habits that can be worked on, such as excavating your nostrils and then consuming the contents, in public. The person that you both fell in love with already had these imperfections, do not try to change them into someone they are not, you might find that you do not love the new person.

So there you are, my 5 signs for a healthy relationship. I think that if you like your partner, if they are someone you can talk to, if you enjoy being with them, if you can add a romantic sparkle to things, and if you can accept each other for who you are, and so long as your partner feels the same, then you should enjoy a loving, happy, healthy relationship which I hope will last for a very long time.

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