March 2, 2011

You’re Invited to Exercise your WILL POWER!

Most people just never get around to making a will because they don’t exercise their WILL POWER. In fact, according to the most recent NCPG Survey, 42 percent of Americans die without a will!

WILL POWER is what motivates you to ignore all the reasons that you come up with not to write a will.

• I don’t have the time for all the work this will involve
• I am not ready to face my own mortality
• I don’t understand all the legal terms – it confuses me

Even if only one of these excuses applies to you, it’s one too many.

Join us for a FREE informal session to help build your WILL POWER. Learn about Illinois and Iowa state laws on what should happen if you pass without a will, what you need to know before meeting with an attorney to create a will, what are federal and state estate and death taxes, how to establishing an estate plan that ensures that your intentions are met.

WILL POWER reminds you that planning your estate isn’t really for your benefit – it’s for the benefit of the family, friends and deserving organizations you will leave behind. Without WILL POWER, you could leave your family grieving and in conflict or economic turmoil. At the Scott Community College Foundation – we’ve witnessed first-hand the peace of mind a will provides to our supporters who have gifted Scott Community College through their wills. Let us help you too…

Frank Mitvalsky, Attorney – Califf & Harper
Ray Allen, Retired CPA
Barb Melbourne, Vice President of Development – Community Foundation of the Great River Bend

*All attendees will receive valuable take-away materials to help in the planning of a will.

Don’t wait… Reserve a seat today
Location: Scott Community College, Belmont Campus
Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management Center, Dining Room
Cost: $0
Date: Tuesday, May 3
Time: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., * lunch will be provided
Call (563) 441-4063, seating is limited.