September 2, 2011

September Dates and Facts

By Eloise Graham

September is…
American Heritage Month, Baby Safety Month, Better Breakfast Month, Cable TV Month, Children’s Eye Health Month, Children’s Good Manners Month, Classical Music Month, Fall Hat Month, Ice Cream Month, Library Sign-Up Month, National Chicken Month, National Courtesy Month, National food Education Safety Month, National Honey Month, National Mushroom Month, National Piano Month, National Rice Month, National School Success Month, National Sewing Month, Read-A-New Book Month, Senior Citizen’s Month, Women of Achievement Month.

Some September birthdays!

September 1, 1923- Rocky Marciano, champion boxer
September 2, 1948- Terry Bradshaw, NFL quarterback, sportscaster
September 3, 1923- Mort Walker, cartoonist, created “Beetle Bailey”
September 4, 1918- Paul Harvey, radio personality, quote: “And now, the rest of the story”
September 5, 1847- Jesse James, Outlaw, bank and train robber
September 6, 1888- Joseph P. Kennedy, Kennedy family patriarch
September 7, 1936- Buddy Holly, singer, musician
September 8, 1922- Sid Caesar, actor, comedian
September 9, 1949- Joe Theisman, NFL Washington Redskins quarterback, sportscaster
September 10, 1929- Arnold Palmer, golfer
September 11, 1946- Lola Falana, actress
September 12, 1913- Jesse Owens, champion Olympic track and field star
September 13, 1959- Fred Silverman, TV producer
September 14, 1914- Clayton Moore, actor, the “Lone Ranger”
September 15, 1890- Agatha Christie, mystery writer
September 16, 1924- B. B. King, blues singer
September 17, 1928- Roddy McDowall, actor, “Planet of the Apes” movies
September 18, 1905- Greta Garbo, actress
September 19, 1941- Cass Elliot, singer, member of the “Mamas and the Papas”
September 20, 1934- Sophia Loren, actress
September 21, 1947- Stephen King, novelist, horror stories
September 22, 1956- Debby Boone, singer
September 23, 1920- Mickey Rooney, actor
September 24, 1936- Jim Henson, puppeteer, created the “Muppets”
September 25, 1947- Cheryl Tiegs, model
September 26, 1914- Jack LaLanne, fitness guru
September 27, 1840- Thomas Nast, political cartoonist
September 28, 1909- Al Capp, cartoonist, created “Li’l Abner”
September 29, 1907- Gene Autry, actor, singer, the “Singing Cowboy”
September 30, 1931- Angie Dickinson, actress