November 3, 2011

“Christmas Card Affair” at Ridgecrest Village

By Karen McCoy
Ridgecrest Village

I know it is a little early to talk about Christmas, but the stores are already putting out Christmas decorations, which is a whole different subject that you do not want me to get on my soapbox about. I remember when I was young, every year when we would get out our Christmas decorations. There would always be Christmas cards from years before. It was so fun to go through them. Mom always kept them to be sure and double check to see if she needed to put someone new on her Christmas card list.

Our Girl Scout troop and school would send home requests for old Christmas cards. They were used to make new decorations for Christmas gifts for our families.

I still have the ones my children made for me, and they go on my tree every year. These are memories that I treasure, having my children watch me open the present they made for me. They were so proud, and so was I.

My children are grown now, with children of their own. In a few years, they will be experiencing the wonderful feelings when their children watch them unwrap their gifts, anticipating that Mommy and Daddy will love the gift they worked on so hard.

You are probably wondering, if I don’t want to rush the season, why am I going on about Christmas cards and homemade gifts from my children. There is a good reason. Ridgecrest Village Senior Living Community is hosting speaker Bill Hannan, professor emeritus of art, on November 30, 2011 at 1 p.m. Bill will be presenting his renowned program “The Christmas Card Affair.” This presentation examines the speaker’s fascination with the concept of Christmas in the mail, with samples of many of the cards he has created and sent to friends and family. This is a show you are sure to enjoy, and you will be reminded of the many years of annual Christmas Card mailings. It will bring back memories of trying to get them out on time, up-dating the mailing list from last year and trying to find that one address that you are sure to put someplace so you would remember where you put. We would like to invite you to come to the program.

Reservations are limited, so please call early and reserve your seat. Our phone number is (563) 388-3563. Leave a message with your name, phone number and the number of people that will be attending. You don’t want to miss it.

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