November 3, 2011

November Dates and Facts

By Eloise Graham

Say “November” to an artist and suddenly he/she thinks of a deep palette with rich hues! November’s birthstone is yellow topaz (traditional) or citrine (modern) and the flower is the chrysanthemum. Both conjure up autumn colors. The topaz and citrine are rich in yellow to yellow-orange hues. Chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors, whites, pale to deep yellows, golden to rusty oranges, deep maroons and dark purples.

Say “November” to a cook and watch him/her smile! November is Georgia Pecan Month, Peanut Butter Lover Month, Vegan Awareness Month and National Diabetes Awareness Month. Say “November” to a history buff. November is Native American Heritage Month, Aviation History Month, Honor the Veteran Month, and Feast of the Pilgrims Month.

Some known and not so known dates from November’s history:

Nov 1, 1210 King John of England begins imprisoning Jews
Nov 2, 1879 In a six-day footrace, a Mr. Weston loses to a horse, 900 to 885 km
Nov 3, 1620 Great Patent granted to Plymouth Colony;
Nov 4, 1960 “Misfits” premieres, final movie for Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe
Nov 5,1639 First post office in the colonies is set up
Nov 7, 1805 Lewis and Clark first sight the Pacific Ocean
Nov 8, 1789 Bourbon Whiskey, first distilled from corn (by Elijah Craig, Bourbon, Kentucky)
Nov 9, 1541 Queen Catharine Howard confined in London Tower
Nov 10, 1871 Stanley presumes to meet Livingston in Ujiji, Central Africa
Nov12, 1933 First Sunday football game in Philadelphia
(previously illegal)
Nov 13, 1912 Charity True Faris was born
Nov 14, 1908 Albert Einstein presents quantum theory of light
Nov 15, 1763 Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon begin surveying Mason-Dixon Line between Pennsylvania and Maryland
Nov 16, 1920 First postage stamp meter is set in Stamford, Connecticut
Nov 17, 1785 Church of England organizes in New England
Nov 19, 1863 Lincoln delivers his address in Gettysburg; “four score and seven years…”
Nov 21, 1946 Harry Truman becomes first U.S. president to travel in a submerged submarine
Nov 23, 1909 Wright Brothers forms a million dollar corp to manufacture airplanes
Nov 24, 1991 After going 12-0, Washington Redskins lose to Dallas 24-21
Nov 25, 1980 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
Nov 26, 1972 Pete Gogolak scores New York Giant record eight points after a touchdown
Nov 27, 1976 Miss Teenage America Pageant
Nov 30, 1982 U.S. submarine Thomas Edison collides with U.S. Navy destroyer in South China Sea