December 5, 2011

Your Advocacy Connection – What does GolderCare Solutions do? – Part 5

Your Advocacy Connection
Offering Comprehensive Care and Financial Advocacy

GolderCare Solutions provides long-term care solutions by offering classic and comprehensive care coordination and advocacy. Comprehensive care coordination and advocacy services helps to provide solutions to our clients by assessing their medical and care needs, how housing might be impacted, assisting with finding appropriate placement and housing, and the financial and legal aspects of one’s care journey. Here’s another example of how comprehensive care coordination and advocacy works to benefit those in need.

Ron is an only child and has a mother named Caroline. Caroline turned 84 recently, and unfortunately, her health has deteriorated quite a lot in the last year. Ron had helped his mom move to an independent living apartment about nine months ago. Sadly, his mom took a tumble about two months ago, and she needed surgery. Caroline moved to a skilled nursing facility after her surgery, but it soon became apparent that she would be unable to live at her apartment
independently. Ron was doing the best he could to help his mom. When Medicare would no longer pay for Caroline’s stay at the nursing home, the nursing home staff informed both Caroline and Ron that Caroline would be responsible for paying privately for her care. When Ron and Caroline expressed concern about the high cost of nursing care, they were told that when Caroline’s assets were “spent down” to $2,000, they could apply for Medicaid, and then Medicaid would cover the costs of her stay at the nursing home.

One day, while Ron was working, one of his co-workers asked how things were going with his mom. Ron expressed his disappointment about his mother’s health decline, and the situation they were facing. As Ron’s co-worker listened to his story, she thought it sounded all too familiar. These were some of the same issues that she and her husband had faced with her husband’s mother. She suggested that Ron call GolderCare Solutions. She told Ron they had hired GolderCare Solutions to help them find the solutions for her mother-in-law.

Ron decided it couldn’t hurt just to make a phone call. He called GolderCare Solutions and asked them about their services. He spoke to one of the care coordinators on their team and learned there were options on what care might be appropriate for his mom. He also learned GolderCare Solutions could help them determine the best way for his mom to pay for care. He decided to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation and quickly decided to sign on as a client. GolderCare Solutions helped Caroline and Ron navigate through the complicated process of determining the proper placement for Caroline and helped them plan to access Medicaid by setting monies aside for Caroline’s supplemental needs. GolderCare also assisted Ron with the application process and dealing with the Department of Human Services.

Caroline was relieved, and Ron knew he had made the right decision to work with GolderCare Solutions. At the end of the process, Caroline was placed at an appropriate level of care, and she was happy and comfortable with the facility she chose with GolderCare’s assistance. Medicaid was paying for Caroline’s care, and she had been able to set aside approximately $30,000, while still accessing Medicaid. GolderCare Solutions provided an individualized solution for Caroline and the monies preserved will help Caroline maintain her quality of life.

GolderCare Solutions looks at each individual’s situation individually and provides recommendations and solutions based on the wants and needs of each client. We can help you or your loved one find the most appropriate living situation to meet medical and care needs, navigate the complexities of the legal and financial impact of needing long term care, and determining the most cost-effective solution to pay for care. GolderCare Solutions helps you to preserve your health, wealth and quality of life.

Beth Maxwell is a marketing and outreach professional who loves her job while currently working for GolderCare Solutions.

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