January 3, 2012

Your Advocacy Connection – What does GolderCare Solutions do? – Part 6

Your Advocacy Connection
Offering Comprehensive Care and Financial Advocacy

Our mission at GolderCare Solutions is to provide solutions for your long-term care problems. We offer classic and comprehensive care coordination and advocacy. Our comprehensive care coordination and advocacy services can provide solutions to our clients by assessing their medical and care needs, determining how housing might be impacted, assisting with finding appropriate placement and housing, and the financial and legal aspects of one’s care journey. Let’s explore an example of how GolderCare Solutions can help those who don’t have children living in the area or other family and friends able to help them.

Dorothy is in her early 70s and remains in the house she’s lived in for over 30 years. Sadly, her husband passed away about nine months ago. While he was living, they were able to look out for each other and make sure each other’s needs were met. Dorothy is now suffering from kidney failure and needs to go to dialysis three times every week. Her sister had been giving her rides to her appointments and is no longer available to do so because she’s dealing with health issues of her own. Dorothy’s energy level is not what it used to be and the time it takes for her to make the necessary arrangements wears her out. She doesn’t feel up to preparing food and she certainly can’t keep up with the housecleaning and other household tasks. She knows she needs help, but she didn’t know where to turn.

Recently, at one of her dialysis appointments, she overheard a family talking about how relieved they were since they’d hired GolderCare to help their dad navigate through a maze of long-term care issues. As she heard their conversation, she decided she should call GolderCare to see how they might be able to help her.

Dorothy made the call to GolderCare Solutions and felt comforted when they took the time to listen to her and she knew they understood her individual situation and concerns. The care coordinator at GolderCare recommended that Dorothy make an appointment for an initial consultation. During the consultation, it became apparent Dorothy faced other issues besides transportation and her energy level. She couldn’t walk very far, she needed help making her bed, doing laundry and running errands. She even admitted she didn’t think she should be living by herself any longer but didn’t know how to go about looking for a new place to live. The care coordinator and Dorothy concluded that an appropriate living situation might be a facility that offered dialysis services or a facility that could offer or arrange for transportation to and from her dialysis appointments. And in considering an appropriate living situation, they would need to explore what Dorothy’s options would be in paying for the care she would be receiving. Dorothy’s life became much easier when she moved to a facility that provided her with rides to dialysis, provided her with meals, laundered her clothing and bedding and cleaned her apartment.

GolderCare Solutions assesses each client’s situation individually and provides recommendations and solutions based on the wants and needs of each client. We can help you and/or your loved one find the most appropriate living situation to meet medical and care needs, navigate the complexities of the legal and financial impact of needing long-term care, and assist in determining the most cost-effective solution to pay for care. GolderCare Solutions helps you to preserve your health, wealth and quality of life.

Beth Maxwell is a marketing and outreach professional who loves her job while currently working for GolderCare Solutions.

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