May 30, 2012

On the Go With Joe Hutter

joeSeniors And Law
Enforcement Together (SALT)

By Joe Hutter

Yes, it is June. The days are longer as summer begins on June 26. For many of us, the years are now shorter.

Many of you came to the RSVP Volunteer Luncheon in April, and also many came to Salute to Seniors on May 10 at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. The Senior Queen of the Quad-Cities, Gloria Fisher and the Senior Voice Board again had a great program. SALT (Seniors And Law enforcement Together) members were there with the Yellow Dot Program for your car.

Many programs for seniors would not take place without the sponsors, who help fund the events. If you get a chance, thank a sponsor for their help. Now that summer is here, volunteer to help at a run, Senior Olympics and the many organizations that have events. Your volunteered time to most groups is more valuable than funds. This way you are giving your most valuable asset…your time!

The members of our Seniors And Law enforcement Together (SALT) spends many hours educating seniors on how to be careful with their personal information and money. Buying on-line, otherwise known as the internet, can be dangerous. Shop only with reputable companies and with those companies that list their phone number and address on-line. Use only “secure” web sites. Pay with a credit card, not by check or debit card so you can dispute the bill if necessary.

Just a reminder…Do not give personal information to anyone over the phone. Medicare already has your information. Your bank already has your information. If you have questions, call your local police department or sheriff’s office. Many departments have elderly service officers like Officer Christopher Sloan of the Rock Island Police Department. Davenport Police Department has two officers, Officer Chuck Lee and Officer Hank Jacobsen. Bettendorf Police Department has Social Worker Christy Davis and Officer Jeff Nelson. If you need any information, you can call Pam Bennett at the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.

SALT still meets at CASI on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 9:30 a.m. We’d like to see you there!

Take care.