August 28, 2012

What is the Hilltop Campus Village?

For a few months now, we have been highlighting some of the businesses in the Hilltop Campus Village. But, some of you may not know what is the Hilltop Village, or where the Hilltop Campus Village is located. Geographically, the Hilltop Campus Village runs from 6th Street north, to Lombard Street and Perry on the east, to Ripley on the west, up to Locust, then west to Gaines.

Businesses in the Village include national chains like Walgreens, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Village Inn. Soon to be added is a McDonalds. But there are family-owned places, like Mary Sue’s Café, Greatest Grains, Gravert’s Automotive, and Molyneaux Insurance to name a few.

Education abounds in the Village. There are two elementary schools, Madison a K-5 and J B Young a K-8. Central High School, Palmer College of Chiropractic and St. Ambrose University round out the education opportunities.

Also, within the Village are seven churches, banking facilities, filling stations, grocery stores and marts, dental and eye clinics, quaint shops, apartment buildings, beautiful old homes and much more.

Hilltop Campus Village Welcomes You

The Village is a great place to shop, eat or play. Come check us out! Saturday, October 6 would be a great time to come visit. Then stay the evening for our 3rd Annual Fall Music Festival. It will be held at the Hilltop Park, corner of 15th Street and Harrison. We will have live music, beer tent, food vendors, and a children’s activity area. See our flyer on page 6. A great experience awaits you along the HILLTOP, within the CAMPUS and throughout the VILLAGE.

For more information about The Hilltop Campus Village visit us on the web at or on Facebook.