September 27, 2012

Some Helpful Hints from your Hilltop Crescent Cleaners

Hilltop Crescent Cleaners
1301 Harrison, Street, Davenport, Iowa

Yolks on You
Egg on your face…AND your shirt? Try to remember these care tips. First, use a dull knife to scrape off as much excess egg as you can. If the label says “Dryclean Only” don’t try this next step. Take it to the cleaners.

If you can launder at home, sponge the spot with cold water, or better yet, soak the garment in a sink of cold water for several minutes. When you go to wash the article, place a little ammonia mix on the stain. Egg stain removal mixture: One part ammonia and three parts water. Always remember never to use hot water on an egg stain. Hot water can set the stain, making it extremely difficult to get out, even for your expert Crescent Cleaners.

Eeeek It’s Chenille
What is Chenille? Chenille yarns resemble a pipe cleaner or caterpillar and have a pile-like surface. In fact, chenille is French for Caterpillar. Check the care label for content, but chenille could be in anything from socks and sweaters to blankets and pillows.

They are soft, cozy and can be found in absolutely amazing colors, but warning… they are a nightmare waiting to happen. Snags. You almost can’t help but get at least one the first time you have it home. They snag so easily because the yarns are not securely or tightly woven into the fabric. A simple rub against a desk drawer can easily pull a snag in the chenille. If you are extremely careful and lucky enough that you don’t get a snag, those fluffy little outer coatings rarely last a season, especially if you place them in a storage box.

Wool…Like Sheep… Need Sleep
Done wearing that wool coat? Let it hang out in a free current of air.
Don’t wear that item day in and day out. Allow it to rest… allow it to sleep. Giving it a day off between each wear will help wonders. Much like the lamb, mud and food will dry up on the fleece and you can brush it off. Wool resists soiling far better than cotton. A little tender loving care goes a long way and wool rewards the effort with long lasting great looks.

Candle Wax Stains
Use a dull knife to gently remove any large pieces of wax. Cover the affected area with several layers of white paper towels. Blot with drycleaning solvent. You can purchase drycleaning solvent at most stores if you look for tetracycline or trichloroethylene. Professional drycleaning will easily remove wax stains if you don’t have time to stop at the local store.

Do you have specific cleaning questions? Go to your local Crescent Cleaners and ask. We are there to help you.

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