January 3, 2013

Fun and Interesting Hearing Aid Stories

Parker,-Molly-NEWBy Dr. Molly Parker
Parker Audiology, PC

As a 15-year veteran audiologist, I have collected some stories for your enjoyment. Many of these stories should not ever be attempted. This article is NOT meant to provide instruction on hearing aid use. See your audiologist for proper maintenance of your devices.

One individual went home with his new hearing aids and heard an airy, breathy sound. It took awhile, but he realized that it was the rustling of the leaves; he did not know they made a sound. I hear many stories that turn signals actually make noise, which is a forgotten fact among those who do not hear well.

This is a bit off-color, but a favorite from one of my classmates: A client just received his hearing aids. He accidently passed some gas in front of the clinician. My classmate looked a bit embarrassed but ignored the sound. Surprised, the gentleman said, “Oh! So that is what that smell sounds like!”

We have all seen people with “ear stretching.” This is when a person wants to stretch out the opening of their pierced ear into a larger and larger hole. Guess what? They have developed hearing aids that can fit nicely into some of these stretched openings. Someday there may be a use for those additional holes!

Yes, I have seen ear canals with flies, ants, mosquitos and other bugs. Earwax usually kills these pests, and they are removed by an ear specialist with no problems. One advantage to hearing aids is that they keep these pests out.

I have received hearing aids in all sorts of condition. Sometimes people will pick up their hearing aids and bite into them thinking they are peanuts. Dogs and cats have punctured or eaten more than one devices, ruining it. Sometimes they are excreted and are brought in for my examination to see if they still work.

I have seen hearing aids lost in the winter, only to be found in the spring, picked up and still work! Others have been microwaved or placed on a furnace to dry out after getting wet. The devices melted into hard plastic lumps.

I hope you enjoyed these strange, but true stories. If you have questions about your hearing or hearing aids. Please call to schedule an appointment!

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