January 3, 2013

Want To Get Fit? Do It While You Sit! – Health Minute With CASI

By: Sarah Arp

Have you ever been interested in doing yoga but can’t get on the floor for reasons such as: age, pains, disabilities, etc.? Chair Yoga allows you to do yoga, but in a comfortable yet effective way! The chair brings the floor to you, allowing you to practice your range of motion without standing or keep balance on a mat.

Here’s some quick information about who can benefit from chair yoga and what benefits one will notice by participating in this activity.

People with these conditions will benefit:
• Heart Disease
• Arthritis
• Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
• Disabled
• Seniors
• Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

What benefits one will receive:
• Weight control
• Lower blood pressure
• Increase back and upper body muscles
• Meditation and breath support
• Flexibility

These are just a couple of groups and benefits that one may see with Chair Yoga. This workout is designed for participants to go at their own pass, to feel comfortable and mediate while being active. It can be done in your home; at work or anywhere you’d like to place a chair. Join a class today and start seeing the results that Chair Yoga can provide for you!

Source: www.getfitwhereyousit.com

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