February 26, 2013

Ella’s Kitchen

March – The month of wild weather changes. March can be cold and windy so a hot soup or comfort food may be in order. March can also be extra warm so try a cool refreshing salad! Maybe even try some green food for St. Patrick’s Day!

– Ella

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Simple Green Soup Recipe

One bunch parsley – washed and any
large stems trimmed
3 medium zucchini – cubed
? lb. Green beans – fresh preferred,
but can use frozen
5 stalks celery – washed and cut into smaller pieces, include the leaves

Steam together for 8-10 minutes.
Or partially steam and boil in ? cup water.
If you have a steamer, you retain more nutrients and flavor with that method.
Puré in a blender.

This soup is wonderful for relief from all sorts of gastric disturbances such as stomach pain, gas, and indigestion. Do not add any fat or salt to this recipe. It is both nourishing and easy to digest. You can alter the amounts to taste. More green beans will add more sweetness to the soup.

Pot o’ Gold Beans

1 can cut green beans (partially drained)
1 pkg frozen peas
1 pkg frozen baby lima beans
1 1/2 Cups Cheeze Whiz or favorite cheese sauce
Salt and pepper to taste

In saucepan, mix vegetables together and heat gently, using the liquid from the green beans. When heated thoroughly, coat with cheese sauce. An excellent side dish to serve with any meal.

Green Eggs and Ham

I had a dietary friend tell me that she would fix this around St. Patrick’s Day and then read her small children the book by Dr. Seuss.
But instead of adding green food coloring to the egg mixture that she used for scrambling, she put the eggs in a blender and added a small amount of spinach. When blended, the eggs turned green and there was added nutrition to the breakfast.