December 4, 2013

Hilltop Campus : Hats, Hair ‘n Wigs

No matter what comes into your life, we’ve got you covered!

Gloria Henrickson, owner of Hats, Hair ‘n Wigs is an extremely
busy lady. Focused on
community and charity work, Gloria is involved in so many aspects of helping out in our Quad-Cities that it’s hard to believe she also has time for a successful small business in the Hilltop Campus Village.

Opening in June of this year, Gloria relocated her hat and wig shop from downtown Davenport to her current location at 1518 Harrison Street, a move she says has done wonders for her business. Praising the owner of the building, Ron Franz, Gloria tells us he worked very hard setting up her shop so that her customers dealing with illnesses can access her location easily. A backdoor ground level entrance has been a big plus for her location. All of her customers now have no problems getting into her darling shop for their cuts, wigs and wonderful selection of hats.

Gloria has been in the hair dressing business for over 46 years. As a passionate stylist, Gloria also loves hats! To her it just seems logical to open a store that features both. In 2010 she located her first store in downtown Davenport but was disappointed in some aspects of the area. “Not enough parking, and hard to access my space were two big problems I had with the downtown space” says Gloria. Looking to make a move she researched areas around the Quad-Cites extensively before deciding on the Hilltop Campus Village location on Harrison Street.

“I liked the vibe of the area, the upcoming attention the Hilltop Campus Village is getting for supporting small business owners like myself. Affordable, user friendly and a fresh atmosphere plus a positive landlord willing to work with me gave me all the incentive I needed for my new store location.”

The shop has many features including a special wall for the Red Hat ladies in the Quad Cities. She offers hats for all occasions and is fast becoming the premier hat store in the area. Gloria’s styling services focus on victims of cancer and the devastating effect it can have on self-esteem. The shop offers a private
fitting room for those customers who are not so comfortable with the outcome of the treatment for cancer. Hair loss and the shocking effects of some cancer drugs makes Gloria’s a place to find a way back to normal.

She is on the committee for the Pink Pajama association as well as the American Cancer Society’s” Look Good /Feel Good” program at Genesis. All around her passion for helping others in need is what gets this very busy woman out of bed every day! She has set herself up to be a shop that is there for others in need. Offering a special on Mondays and Tuesdays for seniors, Gloria tries every way she can think of to make things easier for those who are struggling. Gloria takes life by the hand, and brings it full circle for her and her customers who all think she is a big part of why they recovered so well. “ I love my job and love my new location!” smiles Gloria. Looking at the future for that perspective, does it get any better than that! The Hilltop Campus Village welcomes Gloria and her can win attitude.

“ Gloria’s shop is an awesome addition to our businesses here in the Hilltop Campus Village. We are very lucky to have her and the quality product she delivers,” states storeowner Kelly Wallace of the Estate Sale Shop.

Gloria can be reached at (563) 322-0804. Store hours are Monday through Saturday 9 5 p.m.

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