January 4, 2014


By Mary Huebbe
Marketing Consultant
Ridgecrest Village

Community – it amazes me how one is formed. I watch as our seniors grow closer and closer. A friendship becomes family. At sad times and good times they join together and help one another and give support and love. They watch after each other and make life enjoyable.

About two years ago, one of our residents wrote a story about his sweetheart. His name was Jack, and his sweetheart had dementia. He talked about their life together before Ridgecrest and after. Jack was fortunate enough to be able to feel the love between them in two different ways in their lives. The first would be the caring for each other and supporting each other, but the second and probably the most profound was that he was able to feel the utter dependency she had on him and the compliments she gave him for being there for her. Every night, Jack would go visit his wife and brush her hair. They would look at old pictures and talk about the past. She didn’t always remember, but she did always have a smile on her face, and that was enough for Jack. He would always say “Helen’s smile was infectious.”

There isn’t a happy ending to this story though. Unfortunately Jack passed away this week, and Helen is still with us. Although she doesn’t remember a lot, she feels a sense of loss for the person that was always there for her. The good part of this situation is that she is here with her family, and the friends they have made since moving here will continue to visit with her to help fill in the gap.

I would personally like to invite you to come see this lifestyle for yourself. We will be having a “Sweetheart Dance” on Thursday, February 13 from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Light snacks and beverages will be offered, but most importantly, Dancing and Socializing will be all around you. Please give me a call to make your reservation before Wednesday, February 5.

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