April 3, 2014

Am I Too Old To Get Hearing Aids?

Dr. Molly Parker
Audiologist and Owner
Parker Audiology, P.C.
Dr. Elizabeth Meinecke
Parker Audiology, P.C.

Many people say they feel like they are too old to get hearing aids. There is no age limit whether one should get help for their hearing. Hearing aids have the ability to bring in sounds where the hearing loss has created a void. Hearing aids enhance the clarity of speech understanding. When you’re able to hear clearly, you don’t have to work as hard to have a conversation. This is not to say that hearing aids will fix your hearing in all situations. For instance, background noise impacts quality and clarity of speech. Therefore, there are still situations where you have to pay closer attention to what is being said.

Instead of asking the question, “Am I too old to get hearing aids?” I think the better question is, “Is my hearing keeping is me from living?” Research shows that people with hearing loss may limit their socialization because they don’t hear well. People with hearing loss may be getting tired of asking for repetition or only understanding half of what is being said, so they avoid being in those social situations altogether. Hearing technology can allow you to stay involved. This helps your mind and body to stay sharper and stronger longer.

There is no age limit on getting hearing aids. If you are struggling to hear, and notice that you no longer enjoy spending time with friends and family or other social gatherings, contact your local hearing healthcare provider for an appointment. This appointment may include a hearing test, and a hearing consultation. Your hearing loss should not keep you from enjoying your life. Instead, let’s enhance it!

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