September 2, 2014

Hilltop Campus Village – Restoration and Revitalization Project available

To many people, 1028 Harrison Street is just an address. Those who know the area may recognize it as being very close to Central High School, near where the tennis courts are presently located. For persons interested in Historic Preservation and Davenport History, it is a two-story brick residence known as the George Smiley House, and is a contributing building within Davenport’s College Square Historic District. Most recently it was in the news, because it was donated by the Wells Fargo REO to the Hilltop Campus Village (HCV), a not for profit organization dedicated to redevelopment, restoration and revitalization of this designated Main Street Iowa district.

The HCV Board of Directors determined that they should do everything possible to ensure that this building and property be restored to creative reuse once again becoming an asset to the area after multiple years of vacancy. So, they opted to make it available to interested parties who would want to purchase the property for a relatively modest sum and invest in its rejuvenation, as either a single family residence, multiple apartments or a mixed use development, with a business on the first floor and a residence above.

Originally, the building was used as a stove manufacturing operation by George Smiley when it was built in the late 1860s. It evolved to a residential use over time, and now has many elegant features: a front parlor, living and dining room, a kitchen, pockets doors and a built-in buffet.

All this plus two baths and three spacious bedrooms and many closets. Persons interested
in seeing the details can view them on the Scott County Assessor’s website, Photos are available at a link on the Hilltop Campus Village website, or it can be forwarded upon requested by the HCV office (563) 322-8293.

The HCV Board has made available the application/Request For Proposal to all parties. The application contains five parts, each assigned a point value for experience, purchase price, intent of use,work plan and budget, and financial capability. the application is on-line and may also be obtained directed through the Hilltop Campus Village office. The deadline for application submittal is October 1.

“This opportunity came to us pretty much out of the blue,” said Program Director Scott Tunnicliff, “and the board wants to do it right. They are asking people to buy the property for a substantial discount, and then invest in its rejuvenation. The application stipulates that any proposal calling for demolition will be rejected. Price is not as large a consideration as intent of use or work plan.”

Persons interested in seeing the building are asked to contact Scott by phone at (563) 322-8293 or email at They are welcome to bring their imagination, their vision and their contractor.

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