September 30, 2014

Busy Moments in the Month of October

By Eloise Graham

Oct. 1: 1944 – the Library of Congress displayed tintypes of the first World Series of 1903

Oct. 2: 1908 – Henry Ford introduced the Model T
1924- President James Carter was born
in Plains, Georgia
1933 – The five-day workweek was officially sanctioned
1950 – “Peanuts” comic strip debuted
1959 – The “Twilight Zone” premiered on television
1967 – Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, the first black to this position

Oct. 3: 1789 – President George Washington proclaimed the first National Thanksgiving
1863 – President Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day.
1922 – The first woman U.S. senator, Mrs. W. H. Felton, age 87, of Cartersville, Georgia, was appointed by Gov.Thomas W. Hardwick of Georgia, to the seat vacated by the death of Senator Thomas E. Watson
1938 – The play, Abe Lincoln in Illinois, opened in Washington D.C.
1962 – Stop the World – I Want to Get Off
opened on Broadway at the
Schubert Theatre
1990 – The “End” of the Berlin wall occurred

Oct. 4: 1910 – First Lady Eliza (McCardle) Johnson was born in Leesburg, VA
1822 – President Rutherford B. Hayes was born in Delaware, Ohio
1861 – Construction of the ironclad ship, the Monitor, was authorized by the U.S. Navy
1918 – Germany requested armistice during World War I

Oct. 5: 1830 – President Chester A. Arthur was born in Fairfield, Vermont
1892 – The Dalton Gang was killed while robbing two banks in Coffeyville, Kansas
1921 – The first radio broadcast of the World Series occurred
1932 – The first nonstop flight across the Pacific Ocean by Hugh Henderson and Clyde Pangborn, who flew from Sabishiro, Japan to Wenatchee, Washington, a distance of 4860 miles in 41 hours, 13 minutes
1962 – The Beatles first hit song, “Love Me Do,” was first released in the United Kingdom

Oct. 6: 1853 – The American Pharmaceutical Association, the first nationwide organization of its type, was founded in Philadelphia
1891 – The sanctioning of polygamy was discontinued by the Mormon Church
1927 – Al Jolson starred in The Jazz Singer, the first motion picture using the sound-on-film process
1956- Investigation began concerning rigged television game shows

Look at all of the history this month. This isn’t even 1/5 of the way through October.

Now you go out and make some history this month.

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