September 30, 2014

In and Out of the Quad Cities: It’s our busiest time of the year, again this month

Contributed by Gail McPike and Toni Hall

If we were doing word association, October would match well with hectic, hurried, hustling, swamped and snowed under. Thinking back, September and August might match with immersed and mesmerized. We’re having fun, but sometimes we are wondering if this duo isn’t over doing it. When we were little, our mommas used to call us in from play and force us to rest. Whining all the way to our rooms, our darling and cute little five-year-old selves would sit down and soon nod off from exhaustion.

Is it too much to have an off month? Can we just take it easy and mill around the house for a few weeks? Wouldn’t it be nice to occasionally wonder if there was something to do? Are we doomed to always be staring down a deadline for this or that? Somewhere a medium-sized psychic medium with clairvoyance extraordinaire predicted October and every other month will our busiest time of the year.

Today as we broke away from packing for our annual girl’s trip, hopped in the car and headed over to the 50+ Lifestyles headquarters to peck out this story, a realization hit us. It’s October. Where does the time fly? Let’s dash out some of the latest news in true wire service fashion.

Headline: The Bucktown section of Downtown Davenport – Davenport-style Whiskey
The old section of Davenport referred to as Bucktown around the turn of the 19th Century has come to life. Once noted for weirdoes, winos and the rusty Government Bridge, this side of town is “cuvee cool” with a capital C. The Great River Brewery has become one of the great social spots for hipsters sipping a handcrafted brew, and Trash Can Annie’s has a collection of vintage clothes from the 1870s to top off your wardrobe.

And, Davenport has a brand new distillery. For the first time since Prohibition, our little Davenport, Iowa will have a legal distillery. The first batch will come dribbling down the “spicket” the last week of October. State law will forbid purchases of anything but bottles, but we have seen the sampling room of the Artisan Grain Distillery and plan to be there to commemorate the end of Prohibition. Who knows, maybe we’ll dress for the event. Can anyone say flapper?

Headline: Bishop Hill – Fiber Guild 34th Annual Spin In
This year the Bishop Hill group is sponsoring a contest called Shawl we Dance? Our own Gail is all over the shawl thing. Over the last couple of years she has decoded the secrets of the Estonian Lace Shawl, Russian Orenburg Lace shawls and Scottish shawls. We are excited to be heading off to visit our friends to the east. By the way, Current Trophy Husband (CTH) Frank, juxtaposes us to the former ruler of Iran: and declares us The Shawls of Iowa.

Headline: Coralville – Iowa Federation of Hand Weavers and Spinners Annual Meeting
Can you believe it? Another weekend of swapping spinning and wool stories with our pals from across the whole state. Toni is a weaver so she may be knee deep in the loom lore, Gail will be trotting her favorite travel spinning wheel and CTH Phil and Frank will be living on frozen pizzas and strong malted beverages back at home. Again.

Headline: Some Sunny Beach – Tropical Paradise 101
Toni has more roots than a Century Oak. She maintains friends in the good old QCA, Iowa, Oklahoma and California. The net result: she barely unpacks from Girl Trip One to head off to Girl Trip Two. She’ll be joining a dozen or so girly friends from the Golden State for a warm water beach trip. To quote Iowa’s only native rock idols, the Everly Brothers, she’ll be gone, gone, gone. But never fear, she’s finagled her schedule to not miss a beat in the QCA.

Headline: Our porch – Trick or Treaters by the Zillions
They are so cute. Our neighborhood is blessed with some of the cutest kids in the galaxy. And, for many folks native to the QCA, it’s the Halloween Heaven of their youth. From the first stroke of dusk through the official end of the night, our door is constantly buzzing with little ones dressed as Witches, Warlocks, Warriors and Kewpie Dolls. We love them all. Note to self: Buy lots of candy.

News Flash – Almost out of Space, Girl Writer Team Signs off
Did we mention we still have a billion things to do before we launch off for adventures unknown and a week with our good friends Cathy and Elaine from Central Iowa? Just last night, we had to lecture CTH Frank on the unique packing requirements of lady reporters on the run. Make up; check. Walking shoes; check. Jeans, blouses, bathing suit; check. Getting suitcase lid closed… well that one might be tough. We’re out of here with four minutes to spare on our deadline.

Have a great October. Don’t forget to stock up on candy for the kids. And, maybe we’ll see you down in Bucktown later.

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