September 30, 2014

On the Go With Joe Hutter

joeSeniors And Law
Enforcement Together (SALT)

By Joe Hutter

The leaves will start turning colors and are they pretty, but we all know what is next…

October 11 is Columbus Day in the United States. Columbus had 90 crew members make that voyage. That was their trip to the moon. The Mayflower brought 102 passengers and 30 crew members. They both made the same trip for different reasons, but with fewer workers. Today more work is being done by fewer workers.

Why do I bring this to your attention? Law enforcement always needs your eyes and ears. If you see or hear something that is suspicious, call your local law enforcement agency. They always need your help. Homeland security is relying on us to be more aware of what is happening around us, and if it looks unusual, call the police. There is no charge. Remember the saying “Better safe than sorry.”

The FBI says that seniors are targets of scams because:
1. They often have nest eggs, they own their homes and they have excellent credit, making them attractive to scammers.
2. Seniors were raised in generations that are more trusting and polite, making it difficult for them to be rude and just hang up the telephone.
3. Seniors are less likely to report crimes. because they fear relatives will think they can’t care for themselves.
4. Seniors may take a long time to realize they have been
a target and may have trouble providing details of what
5. Seniors can be susceptible to frauds promising to protect them against illnesses and to help restore their health.

The National Crime Prevention Council suggests the following tips to avoid becoming a victim:
1. Hang up on suspicious telemarketers.
2. Do not give personal information to people you don’t know unless you made the initial contact.
3. Don’t let yourself get pressured into an agreement or signing a contract.
4. Always be skeptical of on-line and mailed contribution requests.
5. Never pay for products or services in advance.
6. If you believe you have been the victim of any crime or fraud, report it to the police immediately.

If you are not sure of something, talk to a relative or friend who you trust. Don’t wait until it is too late.

Are you looking for a program for the fall? Call the Sheriff’s Office at (563) 326-8217.

Take care.

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