April 27, 2017

The Step In Between

By Alyssa Dominacki
Alternatives for the Older Adult
Business Development Coordinator

“Difficulties with things such as cooking or cleaning should not lead to putting an individual into a nursing home… There are resources to help”

Somewhere throughout the years, a common misconception formed: an older adult is either completely independent within their home or needs complete assistance within a nursing home. But what about the step in between?

Many people do not realize the vast variety of resources in our community to help older adults stay in their home. According to AARP, “More than one million older adults with disabilities live in homes that present barriers to meeting their daily needs.” With such as high volume of homes presenting barriers, caregivers and medical professionals begin to look for resources to keep individuals living in their home safely.

Examples of non-medical resources include: help with cooking, home modification recommendations, help with bathing and/or dressing, transportation services, opportunities to visit with others, and even help with laundry. With these, keeping the aging adult in their home is possible.

Considering options early-on during the aging process can prevent future possible safety concerns. According to Alternatives’ Care Coordinator, Erin Hanna, “Having the conversation early with your loved one and having services such as helping with laundry can prevent falls down stairs, or even help for a couple hours a week can potentially keep someone safe within their home.”

Approaching the conversation can be difficult when you are not sure where to turn. With vast options out there, it can also be a hard thing to navigate and connect the resources available in your area. “State funded resources such as adult day center or senior transportation services are not readily available in every county. It is important to seek out professional guidance that is familiar with your area,” said Hanna.

The aging path can be viewed as a winding, turning and confusing road for individuals and their families. Alternatives acts as a GPS of the aging process, offering turn-by-turn
directions down the path, supporting you with every turn you take.

Alternatives has been the GPS for older adults and adults with disabilities for the past 30 years. We are here to help you with every turn you take. Call today 800-798-0988.

Alyssa Dominacki is Business Development Coordinator at Alternatives for the Older Adult. She can be reached at (309) 277-0167 or ADominack@alternativesforyou.org.

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