July 30, 2018

Ask the Audiologist

By Emily Steffel, Au.D.,
CCC-A Audiology Consultants, P.C.


I just got new hearing aids.  If I plan to clean them myself (like they taught me how to when I was fit with them) how often should my hearing aids be looked at by my audiologist?


Your hearing aids should be cleaned and checked by your audiologist at least every 4-6 months.  This is in addition to you wiping the hearing aids off every night before you put them in the case and your checking/at-home cleaning your hearing aids every 1-2 weeks.  This helps ensure that the components are being kept as clean as possible to help your hearing aids to function well for you for as long as possible.   

Your audiologist will replace any office-replaceable parts and clean any office-cleanable parts.  They will also listen to the hearing aids to help detect any “misbehavior” that may be present in the hearing aids, such as weak output or background “static”. If your hearing aid is “misbehaving” it may need to be sent in to be repaired by the manufacturer or the hearing aid programming may need to be adjusted.

Additionally, you should come in sooner to have the hearing aids looked at any time you are having difficulty hearing, if a hearing aid is dead, or a hearing aid is physically broken.  You should have your hearing aids adjusted anytime you are not hearing well or if your hearing has been re-tested (recommended every 2-3 years for best results).

Your hearing aids will function best if you take care of them.  If you cannot clean them yourself at home, you should come in to have them cleaned by the audiologist more often.

Emily Steffel is an audiologist at Audiology Consultants, P.C.  For more information consult our ad in this publication for store locations and phone numbers.

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