January 3, 2020

Max’s Musings

By Max Molleston

Grabbing hold of a new year can be testy for our desires and the realities we could face in the days and months in this future. The politics of electioneering are worrying some of us about our futures as the candidates at whatever level push out their ideas. The freedoms have been the greatest part of most of our lives. Some time ago I thought on the freedoms we cherish and jotted down my ideas. The following may not meet your agreement, but reactions are one of the hurdles writers and poets face.


I wish you freedom, and whether or not you see it,

this wish may be your only freedom.

Better freed in wish than in case?

I say yes if wish is the only case.

Hope is a deep consideration

for those in bondage,

the other side of freedom:

remote for some and on others.

Freedom from bondage is reality

as part of the fictions we live.

Some of us live best in fictions of ourselves

while others work through the knowledge

that freedom will come.

Freedom speaks for itself, yet is not heard

in places too numerous to mention.

It is natural to relish our freedoms. Laws through the legislative processes produce protections for some of us and advantages for others. A predominate theme when expressing our loyalty to this nation is belief of the debt we will always owe to those lost in combat. Other freedoms are part of our everyday, unless we interrupt others lives and the general welfare through our actions. There will always be arguments about freedoms for some, and apparently, not for others. That is the nature of the republic form of government. Democracy has taken on as many “faces” as letters in the word. I wish you readers the freedoms you desire for the good life. Perhaps that is a return to this page in February.

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