February 6, 2020

Max’s Musings

By Max Molleston

February, an American tradition, is a time for pleasant surprises in terms of admiration for another.  Valentines Day. In Iowa,  though un-official in terms of actual decisions, this month will be a sweet gift to one of the people seeking the nomination as a Presidential candidate. People of Iowa who desire to be a part of the earliest of these ad hoc selections will make their choice.         

Your choice

Not everyone gets to choose.

What we want to wear might have a tear.      

Maybe that’s high style in denim.

Yesterday people entered lives

with little to choose.  Today we hear

or read words like no, or impossible.

Our ancestors were locked in slavery,

native American tribe populations,

and others of differing skin colors

yanked around and made to suffer.     

Women, in many places and cultures

had no choices. Still don’t.

A nation pledged to opportunities

may make change possible,

given a law-abiding setting.     

Certain folks in Iowa get their chance

to choose. Strong, but maybe not lasting.

February stars as a sanctuary for sweetness. Work to find it and use it. Practice makes perfect.

Winds puzzle and annoy us from differing directions in March. Join us here, for some of nature’s strong sense of change.