May 1, 2021

A Pause for Poetry

By Gary Heath
Poet in Residence for 50+ Lifestyles.




Our Land of Many Dreams

It began with the dream searching
Desire, many desires, in the peoples
Of this land we call nation, we call
Home, our nation. Under cerulean
Sky, under gray sky, under wild sky,
Under mild sky, over prairies, high
Plains and mountains, over bayous
And great lakes, through stately tall
Forests and wide, green valleys, the
Dream searched desire. The people,
Our people, grasped the dream and
Made it real, as real as you and me,
As real as all that was, all that is, all
That will be, that covers, that adorns
Our land. That is what the dream with
Desire did. It grew our land, prospered
Our hamlets, towns, cities, the dreams of
Many made real in our land of dreams,
Land of dreams seeking desire every day.


Where Children Splash With Glee

New green leaves smile bright
On trees in our town, the garb
Of the spring we longed for.
Life in cold, ice, and snow
Requires redress, leafing trees
Where songbirds trill melodies
On the air, so light our spirits
Lift from the locking winter.
Triumph over the deep freeze
Melts that season into lakes
Lapping at the shore. Now we
Delight at the sight of children
Splashing with glee silver-white
Spray, sparkling into our eyes,
Full vigor of life returning, our
Hearts full of joy.


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