June 1, 2021

A Pause for Poetry

By Gary Heath
Poet in Residence for 50+ Lifestyles.




The Geese in My Town

Geese love my town. They

Stay here year round,

Residents without

Addresses, aliens who pay

No taxes. Each morning a

Few land on a grass strip

Nearby, a routine you can

Set your watch by. Wild

Geese, not so wild, fit in

Well in my town. They

Fly low over traffic as I

Wait at length on a red

Light that guzzles my

Tank of gas. The geese

Take their ease on the

Grass as I stress in

Traffic. Turning red

At the red light, I think

Civilization has not

Come as far as we

Claim, but it sure is

Nice for geese.


I Saw Wild Horses Gallop in the West

Wild horses gallop wild in the

West. I saw them on a hike,

Gallop wild through the scrub

On a high plateau, in the early

Spring…Wild horses gallop

Wild in the West…Their blood

Was running hot, they galloped

Fast, so very fast, the sheer

Exhilaration seemed to carry

On the air over the plateau, so

Exciting to see through my

Binoculars the stallions led by

A charcoal gray with pitch

Black mane, galloping fast,

Galloping so very fast in the

West…Wild horses gallop

Fast in the West…I have seen

Wild horses gallop wild so fast

In the wilderness in the West

Across a high plateau. I saw

Those horses wildly gallop in

The wilderness, so very fast. I

Saw them gallop. I saw those

Wild horses gallop, gallop so

Fast, wild, so wild in the West.

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