September 2, 2021

A Little Back to School Prep Can Prevent Aches and Pains

By Dr. Taylor Bryant, DC
Bryant Chiropractic

It’s that time of year again. The kiddos are off to start a new year full of friendships, learning, and playing. But the new school year can bring about a few health issues that can really put a damper on making school an enjoyable experience! These aren’t issues that I have to worry about in my house yet, as my son is only 18 months old, but they are issues that I see and treat in the office every year. With a little foreknowledge and preparation, they hopefully won’t be a problem for your family this year.

Eye Strain. As a Chiropractor, I see patients every day with chronic eye strain and headaches. A lot of this comes from adults that stare at their work computer screens or their phones all day, but the back to school season is when I see it the most in kids. Obviously reducing screen time at home is a way to prevent eye strain, but what about at school? My main suggestion (other than getting them adjusted, of course) is to make sure they get their yearly eye exam. Far too often I see kids that end up needing glasses because the whiteboard at the front of the class is too far away. Don’t miss it this year!

Back Pain. Of course I’m going to talk about back pain. It’s my job! Sitting at an uncomfortable desk all day or looking down at your books studying all night can cause all sorts of aches and pains in the back or neck. Let’s take care of it! Getting your kiddo adjusted can keep help keep those aches and pains away, and also ensures that they grow and develop the way they are supposed to. Parents can help by reminding your kids to get up and stretch and take a break while doing homework. A good stretch every half hour will make a big difference for their focus as well!

Backpack Palsy. This one isn’t super common, but I will end up with at least one case every year. If your kiddo is complaining about tingling in their arms at school, they probably have a really full backpack! The heavy backpack pulls down on their shoulders and compresses all of those important nerves and blood vessels that travel down the arms. The solution is easy: take some things out of the backpack! Go through it with them and make sure that everything that is in there NEEDS to be in there. If not, it can go in their locker or be kept in their desk at school.

Going back to school is both exciting and scary, and our kids need all the help they can get making sure they are ready to learn and succeed. Keep these solutions in mind as they start the new year!

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