June 1, 2022

A Pause for Poetry

By Gary Heath
Poet in Residence for 50+ Lifestyles.





Road and sun

I Drive Into The Westering Sun

When you see the truck loading,
You will know I am far from here.
I drive toward the westering sun,
Wherever the sun takes me. As long
As I have the sun before me, I am not
Lost, I am on my way, always on my
Way, on the way is my life. No more
Sunrises, too old for rises, I must follow
Eventide shadow to dusk, drive into
Night, where the fading sun takes me,
So far from where I was. I follow the
Sun, always there, my one true friend.

I Am Cattle Guy

I ride my stalwart gorgeous palomino,
My spurs and silver pommel glitter in
The sun, as I haze cattle into the big
Corral. I ride the range to kick cattle
Ass. I resent the saccharine sissy prissy
Moniker “cowboy,” I am no boy, I am a
Man, a powerful he-man of the cattle
Drive, they call me Cattle Guy, man of
Cattle power, I put steak on your plate. I
Am Cattle Guy, I drive wayward cattle,
Just don’t call me “cowboy,” or my
Peacemaker will speak to you. I am
Cattle Guy, no sissy prissy cowboy. I ride
The range on my gorgeous stalwart
Palomino, as the westering sun profiles
My glory. I am Cattle Guy!

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