July 27, 2022

A Pause for Poetry

By Gary Heath
Poet in Residence for 50+ Lifestyles

I Am Crayon

I am crayon, young kids like me,
So much color I am, big boxed
Array of rainbow plus. I like who
I am, young kids wield me, draw
Straight from the heart, color me
Into their likes, loves, hurts, fears.
What I color on their paper says
What’s going on with them. I hate
To see them go to pencil, pen, cell,
pc, lose so much without me. I am
Crayon, kids love me, I love them,
I hate to see them go. I am crayon,
At your service, if you’re a kid.

I Am Skin

I am skin. I defend you against germs
As best I can. I’m not foolproof, but
Without me you are lost to the microbe
Army. I hug you with me, your soft
Comfy hide. I let you sweat to cool your
Body. I am part of you as important as
Your lungs and heart. Do not burn me
At the beach. The pain excruciates.
Apply sunscreen before you flop on your
Chaise. And please take a bath more
Often. To be extra nice, swath a scented
Lotion all over me. That’ll make me feel
Super special. Gratefully, Your Skin

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