July 27, 2022

One Hundred Years Ago

By Eloise Graham

The world was not a peaceful place in 1922.

In Ireland a civil war began in June. The conflict was fought between the Irish Nationalists and the Irish Republicans. The IRA (Irish Republican Army) blew up a cable station in Waterville, County Kerry, cutting communication lines between the United States and Europe. One of the largest engagements of the war was the Battle of Kilmallock in County Limerick. The civil continued for eleven months.

Russia has its problems. The Russian civil war began in 1917 with the overthrow of the Russian Provisional Government. The war ended in 1922 when the White Army was defeated. The formation of the USSR was created with a single party system, the Communist Party.

In India, Ghandi was preaching for non-violence and peaceful resistance against British rule. He was imprisoned for six years.


News from the world of sports.

King George V opens the tennis stadium Centre Court at Wimbledon. June 26, 1922 is one of the most memorable dates in tennis history, the date this court was christened.

And on this side of the pond, the 1922 U. S. National Championships (now known as the US Open) was a tennis tournament that took place on the grass courts at the Germantown Cricket Club in Philadelphia, PA.


Weather related events

The Swatow Typhoon was one of the deadliest typhoons in history. The devastating tropical cyclone raged from July 27 to August 3. It caused thousands of deaths in the Chinese city of Swatow.

Austin had twin tornadoes. On May 4, an unusual event took place. Two tornadoes formed within minutes of each other. They took a northeast to southwest path, completely opposite of the usual southwest to northeast direction.

Wisconsin had one of the worst ice storms it has ever seen. According to the National Weather Service, on February 21 and 22 accumulations of 1-2 inches of ice with many reports of up to four inches of ice covered tree branches, poles and wires.

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