November 1, 2022

A Pause for Poetry

By Gary Heath
Poet in Residence for 50+ Lifestyles.

Bread Prayer

We pray this day, our daily bread,
We share with our ancestors and
The unborn, in spirit we share, and
With the born here we share. We
Pray for all as we break bread today
In the name of all, our blessed
Community of souls, living, dead,
And to be born. We bless this bread,
In our names we break this our
Daily bread, for us the living, the
Dead and to be born, with praise for
All.  Amen.


Light ambles over the fallow,
Aimless land, sun rising on
Rested soil, as seeds rise green,
Aspire to the sun. Soil glories
In growth, tall and robust,
Nature bountiful in the earth.
The season turns the land full
With harvest, and we thank
The land and Providence in
Our Thanksgiving as the earth
Returns to repose again.

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