November 1, 2022

November Fun Facts and Holidays

By Eloise Graham

Topaz, a semi-precious stone that symbolizes friendship, is the birthstone of November. The orange-yellow stone is what we usually recognize as topaz. However, Citrine, which is actually quartz crystal is often confused with the orange-yellow topaz. Topaz actually comes in many different hues. The blue topaz is often mistaken for aquamarine.



The flower for the month is the chrysanthemum. The word comes from the Greek words chrys and anthemum, meaning golden flower. The chrysanthemum symbolizes honesty, joy and optimism.

November Holidays:

November 1 is All Saints Day, a day to celebrate all saints. In Mexico and other Hispanic countries, it is called Day of the Dead. A day to remember the ancestors and honor those that have passed away.

November 2 is All Souls Day. Essentially, it is the same premise as Day of the Dead.

November 11 is Veterans Day

The Fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day

Followed by Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday – the time to switch from fall to all things Christmas.

Some Fun Days:

National Men Make Dinner Day: the first Thursday of November

National Sandwich Day: November third

National Housewife Day: also November third

International Tolerance Day: November sixteen

(I am thinking this should be the day after elections)

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