December 1, 2023

A Pause for Poetry

By Gary Heath
Poet in Residence for 50+ Lifestyles.



I Am the Sea

I am the sea. I roll in on waves from the
Briny deep, salty to the taste in mouths
Of swimmers in my tides. I have my
Moods and currents, warm and cold. I
Bring weather to the continents and fish
To dinner tables everywhere. I carry
Ships and sailors over the globe, and
Containerized cargo to ports to fill stores
With goods. Submarines roam in me with
Missiles to launch, a strange kind of metal
Fish. My waters cover most the Earth.
When I’m angry, I tsunami people and
Beach coasts to kingdom come. I am the
Sea, power of waves, water power over the
Earth, of me and power there is no dearth.


See the Sea of Blossoms

The broad fields, festooned with
Blossoms, sweep in the breeze,
Long, vibrant, sensuous,
Terpsichorean undulations, like
Waves upon the sea. And the
Hills begin to rise as I drive,
Drive westward, westering to
The glowering honey disk, the
Scintillant shank of day glinting
In my eyes, so bright I don my
Shades to see the sea of flowered
Waves cresting toward the hills,
See them through my glasses
Darkly, the patchouli beauty of
The day basking in the glowing,
Resplendent rays wending west.

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