May 1, 2024

A Pause for Poetry

By Gary Heath
Poet in Residence for 50+ Lifestyles.



Spring Promise

In an ancient, venerable grove of trees, piquant,
Beguiling shadows of branches filigree the soft
Earth, the air fragrant with new grass and chaste
Buds lifting toward the warming sun. All is
Promise of leafing green and graceful blossoms
Glorious, as our lives ease into spring. We adore,
Embrace hibernal stillness bursting to life, our
Arms wide as restive thoughts embower us, and
Stasis gives way to vivid vibrant refreshing days.


In the Fullness of Time

All things germinate their own destruction, it is
So written in glyphs on rocks and on obelisks
And pyramids.
All things contain their opposite, it is so written
On polished, engraved stones over our dear
All things decline to their opposite and become
What they are not.
All in all, all existence ends in the end.

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