July 30, 2009

Iowa’s Newest And Best Destination And Techno-Nurses


By: Russ Meyers

How have I done attending this special Clinic the past 13 months? I have lost over 20 pounds, gotten more active and most every test result is much improved.

First the Fishing –

It was the middle of May and the weather was wonderful. We arrived at Honey Creek Lodge at Lake Rathbun, South of Des Moines near Centerville, IA. Donna and our daughter, Teresa drove from Bettendorf ready for Teresa and me to do some Crappie fishing with our favorite guide, Ron of Dinner Getter Guide Service. Ron furnishes everything, Boat, Bait, Equipment and sure places to catch the big fish. You can reach Ron at: 641-203-1411. You will not be sorry for the call if you want to catch fish.

Ron guided me on my Walleye adventure to Rathbun last summer. We started fishing around 9 a.m. on Monday morning. We found some fish soon, but Ron said they were not the ones we were after – too small, he said! Was he ever right? Soon, we found the lunker Crappie Ron was looking to catch. Only keeping the largest ones that he could filet. They were just huge! We fished for about 4 or 5 hours, then went back to our room at the Lodge. Decided to try the restaurant and were pleasantly surprised how delicious the food was and great service as well.

If you want to take the grandkids to this neat lodge overlooking Iowa’s second largest lake, there is plenty to do complete with a Waterpark as part of the indoor structure of Honey Creek Lodge. Fishing is also good most anytime in Rathbun Lake. I can promise you the accommodations are wonderful, and you will not go away from the restaurant hungry. Try one of their lunch specials; Mac and Cheese. It’s great!

Techno-Nursing –

Most of you know that I visit the Genesis Heart Failure Clinic located on the 4th floor of Genesis East Hospital in Davenport. I’ve written previously about the “Special Care” I have received over the past 13 months. My visits are now just on Monday’s where one or both of the two special Registered Nurses places an IV for infusion therapy. Each time they write and mark charts to keep good records for the Dr. Rajendran, who is also a special Cardiologist, to read or for when they call him, which is every time I am in the Clinic. Takes a long time to transcribe all this. Now, the Clinic is online just like the rest of the hospital with laptop computers for each Nurse that makes all information for my visit immediately available to the Heart Center Doctors who watch over me as well. Now, I call Andy McMillan, RN and Julie Frost, RN, TECHNO-NURSES.

How have I done attending this special Clinic the past 13 months? I have lost over 20 pounds, gotten more active and most every test result is much improved. On special days, these two RNs will create a fun atmosphere, such as, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. Always there is the feeling of patient caring and love from these two special Techno-nurses. Thanks, Andy and Julie for your special care. You are two very qualified and unique individuals who have made a big difference in my life!

Have a good summer! Maybe we should construct an ARK soon if it doesn’t stop raining!

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